Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Pause for Peace

I've had a busy couple of weeks which have left me with little time or energy to string together even a handful of coherent sentences for the blog, but in the midst of troubled times, I wanted to at least poke my head in to offer a little bit of encouragement. Tonight, I'm going to write and I'm going to take the emotions swirling around inside--and there are many--and I'm going to paint up some paper with truth, at least some twisted amalgamation of truth as it occurs to me. Whether or not it becomes literature remains to be seen, but it will be honest and it will be art and it will be mine.

If you're like me and your voice doesn't always come out right unless it's dripping through a pen, spend some time taking stock of the world you live in and write it right. Take the broken and mend it. Take the lost and find it. Take the darkness and flip on the lights. Don't avoid the harsh truths of reality--repair them.

You might just find that it is the little choices that little people make every day that could be shifted to create big change in the long run. It is not the breast-beating for Peace way off in a capitol somewhere that will fix this world. It is going to take a purposeful epidemic of tiny peaces from all of us that will ever reconcile the souls harboring on this rock.

Love each other, and not just in times of tragedy.

Because it is awesome and because it is timely and a quiet, silky writing tune, give a listen to Pink Floyd's "On the Turning Away."  Food for thought.

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