Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tools of the Trade: Ink Review - Pelikan Edelstein Amber

A few weeks ago, Husband ordered a little surprise for me, which made me happy. It was a bottle of Pelikan Edelstein Amber ink, the 2013 Ink of the Year.

I love this ink. I love the color. I love the feel. I love that it has the same name as me. (Amber is my first name. No, I didn't pick to go by my middle name, I answered to what my parents called me.) I also love it because it is almost the same honey-hazel color as my husband's eyes, which are so very pretty (even though it annoys every alpha-male bone in his body to hear me say so). 

I have used this ink in several of my pens and have had no problems with it in any of them. It cleans easily, flows extremely well, and looks really cool on the page. It is light, but not too light to be able to read it. All in all, it's a fun, interesting ink that has a lot of uses. I'm already kicking around some ideas to use it as a wash in some art pieces I'm planning and I think it will really light up the third dimension in a few upcoming novel scenes.

The bottle is purty, too.

Without further ado, my review of Pelikan Edelstein Amber (and a plug for Jurassic Park): 

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Sumire said...

This ink color is very beautiful!